Hindu Students & Youth Network aims to serve as a catalyst to initiate synchronized action and effective networking for all Hindu Students and Youth organizations that are currently active in their countries/states to share their experiences and learnings  to connect and support each other. 

It is a platform for Hindu youth, by the youth to build leadership capabilities in young people enabling them to reach their full potential in multi-disciplinary areas. It aims to provide an opportunity to be inspired by young achievers, activists, leaders, academicians  and thought leaders. It offers peer to peer learning, inspiration and motivation. Being led by and learning from peers is shown to encourage students and youth to strategically work for the Hindu resurgence creating next generation of capable Hindus. 


Rise | Organize | Lead | Emerge


Involving Youth in Hindu Resurgence


Promote Leadership Amongst Hindu Youth 


Global Mentorship Program

The program aims to facilitate ambitious Hindu Youth to achieve, perform and adapt to the ever-evolving world by nurturing leadership in Economy, Education, Media & Politics, through mentorship by experts.

Hindu Human Rights Task Force

The task force aims to bring more awareness of the rights and protection of the Hindu community around the world, increase awareness of policies and active participation in drafting and execution of new policies for advocacy.

Young Hindu Entrepreneur Network

A platform to connect ignited young minds to share ideas and support each-other to assist growth. Local groups will be enabled to connect globally in order to create a rich and diverse resource pool.